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  • Julie Gaillard

    Julie Gaillard diverts objects to create meaning and reinterpret the moments associated with them. Her designs help us soothe away daily tensions and bring back a smile through the pleasure of a form or a new gesture
  • Celine Wright

    All her objects are made by hand, combining reviewed and corrected ancestral techniques with natural and non-polluting materials. The fabrication of a light requires different types of acute operations Every light is unique. Shaped and structured by hand, « a shell from the “Cocon” range can be made of over 1600 small strips of paper, individually glued to a mould.
  • La boite Concept

    The speakers built by La Boite Concept and CC LAB laboratories represent the natural evolution of this family experience and an opportune personal encounter with Yvon Maurel, electro-acoustic researcher since 1999
  • You Now Paris

    Florence Jaffrain is a French designer who believes in creating objects that help people feel alive and live a happier life. Her philosophy is to design pieces that adapt to the necessity of the people.The mix of comfort and elegance is central to her.